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Welcome to the Epaper Portal

PDF Soft Copy Sale

The epaper is a digital form of the print newspaper. This can be in PDF format or serve in flip pages.

This platform has been created to serve our customers with complete PDF copies of the Trust titles: Daily Trust, Weekly Trust, Sunday Trust and Aminiya. Demos are available under "Subscription Plans".

It works through a subscription system. There are four subscription plans to choose from. These are indicated on the "Subscription Plans" menu on the right.

The subscription plans require customer registration and filling an online subscription form. The registration details are needed for logging to the portal for contents download and further renewal or subscription.

At the end of the registration and form submission an online payment process begins. This requires clicking on the 'Pay' button which automatically redirects to the Epapers payment processing page.

For more details on the payment process, kindly look at the INSTRUCTIONS page.

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Registration and payments processing have been modified.
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